Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Thanks Sue

A big thanks to Sue for doing me up a new header it looks great !!!!!!!!!

Slack I know

Ok so i have been really slack and havent updated this since before i went on holidays opps.

Sue reminded me so i had better update it for her she lol she is probably the only one that reads it anyway.

I have been working on the master that a certain 2 people talked me into doing, i bet they are regetting it now with me askign the questions all the time. LOL

Ok not much else to say so i will just post some LO's

Oh and i did have a LO accept for publication to from Krys it is a Paris one.

and this is a LO i did for the challenge at 3AS for the Queens Birthday had to have Queen on it, bling and pink.

Ok so that is me updated for now.

Just remembered I have that crap header that I did late one night what the hell was i thinking? Anyone who reads this and wants to do me a header feel free.