Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Xmas Update

Well Christmas has been and gone for another year, we were up late organizing a few certain Xmas presents LOL!!! and we were ten woken up at 4.15 am yes that’s right 4.15 am after putting Charlize into bed with us for a little while and getting kicked and shoved I made her sit on the floor of our bedroom and watch some TV.  We did get a little sleep in this time and then got woken up at again about 6.00 to screams of Santa came Santa came !!!!!!!!!!!


Yes she was just a little bit excited to see what Santa had left her, which was a lot in her Santa sack she found books, a torch, pool toys, Mickey mouse crocs and probably more but I can't remember.  She got a big wooden kitchen from us alone with some clothes after a little while Jeff asked her if Santa brought her the Trampoline and she said no we told her she had better go look outside and check if he did bring her one.  She ran outside and we heard squeals of he did bring one, he did bring one !!!!  Needless to say she loved it.

Poor Carter did get a lot of stuff just some clothes, bath toys, a little truck and some crocs not that he had a clue what was going on he slept most of the day.

 We went down to visit Lilly in the morning and then off to Jeff's cousins house for a couple of hours and then home for lunch with Jeff's family and my family minus my parents they came over later for dinner.


I headed off to bed early about 9.30pm I was exhausted and so ready for bed !!!!

Boxing Day we had some friends come over for a swim and some lunch and Carter had his first swim in the pool he wasn't over sure about there were a few on off cries I think the water might have a been a little cool for him.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Merry Christmas

Well I have MIA for a little bit but I am back on board now, we finally moved into our new house and have the internet and phone all working (bloody phone providers).

Both the kids are well Carter has grown heaps and is nearly 4.5kgs now, Charlize loves her little brother and always tries to help out when I am bathing and changing him.

Charlize is right into the xmas spirit and walks around singing Christmas Carols all day her favorites are Jingle Bells ( i have heard this since about July and it is driving crazy), Rudoplh the Red Nose Reindeer ( well bits of this one LOL), We wish you a merry christmas, Santa Claus is Coming to town.  She loves Santa but is scared of him IRL I did get her to give Santa a Hi Five last night so there is some progress there LOL.

 I will be back later with some updated photos of the house.