Friday, November 30, 2007

Santa Clause is coming to Town

I have been trying to get Charlize to warm up to Santa for the last week or so and she wasn't having anything to do with him she go up and take a present but no way was she sitting on his knee.

She was in a great mood down at the shops and santa was there with no line so I thought great lets just get this photos done, my mum went up with her and sat right over on the edge of a chair they had there and held Charlize's (which was not letting go off), we eventually got her to let go and say Lollies to get her photo take. Santa pulled her over tad more and gave her a cuddle and she let him but she wasn't impressed about it LOL. So here is the photo with Santa this year.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Another Weekend Gone

Wow I cant believe that another weekend has passed us by it will be xmas before we know it. Did get up to a great deal this weekend went to an engagement party on Saturday night I came home at about 11.30pm (and Jeff at day break but we wont talk about that lets just say he isn’t in the good books LOL), I can't understand that daughter of mine she was still going full pelt at 11.30pm and fell asleep on the way home but do you think she would have a sleep in today? No up at 6.30am just like any normal day. I have no idea where she gets all her energy.

I spent the late afternoon and all tonight working on this damn Layout just couldn’t decide what I wanted to do with the photos as what I had in mind just wasn't working for me but this is what I eventually came up with.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Light of my Life

Just popping in to quickly show off a Layout I did tonight, it is an old photo of Charlize when she was 2 weeks old I just love these photos.

Well I really should be heading off to bed as I am heading out to met the EB scrappy chicks tomorrow so I need my beauty sleep LMAO.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Special Bond

Just quickly popping on to post a LO of my beautiful angel and her grandparents that I did while Charlize was asleep today.

I am really loving scrapping Lilly's pages again as when I first started I never felt that I could do her justice, but I now feel that I come to a a point in my scrapping that makes me happy with what I am producing and that it now compliments my beautiful girl. ( I dunno if that makes sense to you but it does to me LOL)

My Daughter My Choice

Some of you may know what has been going on, on a particular site in US to anyone that has par taken in that forum and revolting comments about Lilly shame and you. You obviously have no heart and I hope that you never have to experience the pain my family has, and more so I would feel so sorry for your child having a mother that is not proud of him/her and want to share them with the world. If you have a problem with photos of my daughter don’t look at them I never asked you to and do not visit me bog and try and leave nasty comments either. If I saw your children I may think are ugly but would running around posting nasty things about them NO!!!!

To those of you who support my decision to scrap my children thankyou very much, my photos are all I have left Lilly and I treasure them very much!! The reason I post my LO's of Lilly is because I am proud she is my daughter and if I can help just one mother through her pain and grieving that is all that matters to me. It can be so hard when you scrap their photos and I know before I started scrapping I searched for ideas on how to honour her memory.

I will add that you have not upset me writing such nasty things, but only made me angry and more determined to scrap photos of my Beautiful girl and share them with the world. She is MY DAUGHTER and I will post her photo wherever I want to.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Beautiful Angel Girl

As soon as I open my parcel from Rach yesterday and saw the MM noteworthy paper I knew that I had to do a LO of Lilly, so while Jeff and Charlize were out this morning this is what I did , I just love this new range of PP will be definitely getting some more.

Jeff and Charlize just got home so I had better go see what they have been up to.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Mummy's Angel

Just popping on to show a Lo I did today don't know how I managed to do it today as I woke up with a really sore back feels like someone bloody stabbed me ( I ask jeff if he did and he said no I thought about it but didn't LOL}, anyway here it is after being inspired to do more LO's of Lilly with the new gorgeous stuff Rach sent to me.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Way to go Rach

Just wanted to pop on and say Congratulations to my chickadee Rach, she has been given an awesome opportunity and I know you will rock at this !!!!!!! Wishing I could go with you but it is going to really bad timing unfortunately unless what I am hoping will happen doesn't. I always told you that you would take over the scrapping world one day and look here you are a international scrapper "the best in Australia" !!!!!!!!!!!!!

We went to a friends birthday party last night and I didn't get home until 2am and Charlize was awake running around until about 11.30pm, she was so hyped up LOL. Anyway i decided i wanted to have a little sleep in this morning so I put a movie on in her room on Jeff Laptop and what does the little monkey do climb up on her change table and grab off a bottle of moisturizer cream and empty out on to the carpet and then get it all over hands and smear it on nearly ever surface in her bedroom. Lets just say I wasn't a happy camper when I went into her and saw the mess.

Anyway I should be going to bed cause I am knackered I will leave you with a Lo that I did yesterday while the pork chop was asleep.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Back Again

Back again just a quick flying post with a LO I just did tonight, about Charlize and how she loves to sign atm.

Winners are Grinners !!!!!!!!

Well I love melbourne up atm we picked up the Trifecta the other day and My mum and I won $3000.00 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been busy doing classes up for scrapiniques as part of my design tam commitments, this was the first class I have ever taught so hopefully you will be able to understand it LOL. It is a calendar class these will make great xmas presents and at $10 per class kit you cant go wrong.

And here is another quick LO i did last night with some photos from our trip to Fraser Island last month.

It is getting closer to the time that the Master's will be receiving their calls I am hoping that Amanda and Mel get that long awaited phone call, I am not holding my breath that I will get the call LOL. I would just love to get a HM for my double LO as it is about my special angel Lilly.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Sister in Laws Album

I have been slack !!!!

Ok so I have been really slack in updating my blog haven't I LOL, here is a quick run down on what has been going on here.

* Has Sister inlaws birthday and she loved the album. I will upload some photos of it soon.

* It is now November so the Masters Call will be happening this month, fingers crossed for a few chickadees I know that they will get the call.

* I was asked by Krys at Scapbooking Memories to do a product challenge and boy was it a challenge LOL it will be appearing in issue 9 Vol 9

* We went to Dreamworld yesterday and we season passes for half price, so expect to see lots of Dreamworld photos LOL

* Melbourne Cup day tomorrow so I must check out what horses I am betting on hopefully I will pick a winner.

Well that is about it for now will be back later tonight to post some photos