Monday, August 28, 2006

EMM Cyber Crop

Well the EMM cybercrop was on over the weekend and I did get the challenges done, one i am really happy with the other 2 are ok.

Challenge One was to do a layout using only purple with a little black or white if we had too.

Challenge Two was stamping and hidden journalling. This one is my favourite.

Challenge Three was to use a song title. My stupid scanner stopped working so i had to take a photo of this LO.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Woohoo MME Bohemia is here

I have been eyeing the MME Bohemia range off since Rach pointed it out the other week, it is so so yummy and I finally got some from my LSS yesterday and last night I did 2 Lo's with it. And yes bleive it or not one is blue and not pink shock horror.

Well after being told by Amanda that I have to submit my "Our Fairy Princess" I hav done this and now I am just waiting for that reject email from Krys, she is quick at getting those no's back out to you.

After chatting to Rach about being selected for publishing she told me to try out for the For Keeps Introducing Section, so I have done that I sent 3 LO's in "Wonder" "OUr Fairy Princess" and "Look who's Walking Now" so will wait and see what happens with not probably nothing, but i guess nothing ventrued nothing gained.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Puppy Love

Well silly me stayed up late last doing this LO when i should have been in bed, still have this bloody cold and I am all stuff up in the head (nothing unusual LOL). Decided to do a lO for the August Snapshot EDM Comp and of course i decdided to hand cut flowers didnt I no wonder I was up till bloody 1am.

I should be cuting and cooking vegies for madam but i cant be bothered we have friends coming over to watch the footy at 3.30pm and charlize is in bed so might have a bit of fiddle before they turn up.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Daddy's lil QLD'er

Ok quickly before i head off to bed tonight, i have a really sore throat that has just come on in the last hour of so so hoping i am not getting the bloody flu from Jeff.

Here is a Lo i did for the EDM comp

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Look Whos Walking Now

Well its really late and I should be in bed, bu tyou get that we went out to dinner for my Dad's birthday tonight and didnt aget home again until 9.30 and of course i had to come in here and finsih off the Lo i had started.

This is a lo with photos of the night charlize first walked, I dont really like the pics but i guess it looks ok. I mounted the pics on chiboard and then sewed around them, was surprised at how easy it was to sew through the chipboard.

Had a pretty shit day, my own fault though i guess I watch a tv show with a sick baby on it and the baby died and just brought up a lot of emotions, lucky Charlize was asleep but Jeff copped the brunt of it when he called a coupel of times today. Feel bad a was such a bitch to him today but couldnt help it.

Well I think i really need to go to bed now.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Finally Finished DT Stuff

Well I have dinally finished all of my DT stuff for embellished, well I did decided to re do my Single Page Lo otherwise I would have finsihed it lst night. Nothing wrong with that LO but just thought it was a bit too much like my other LO's so decided to do something a bit diffrent.

Here are the links to My OTP and single LO

I dressed Charlize upinher fairy outfit today to get the photos for the single LO and she looked so cute.

Amanda, Rach and Cat Love all your work fingers crossed for you all.

Well I am heading off to bed now. I have the bed to myself tonight as jeff is sleeping in Ccarlize's roomwith the vapouriser on, he was snoring so bad last night I ended up sleeping out onthe lounge. He has been complaining of a sore back tonight and I had a sore back when i was sick and so did mum she came down with the bug this am so I hope he isnt getting too.

Anyway I am off to bed now.


Saturday, August 12, 2006

Embellished Design Team Call

Well talked me into trying out for the Embellished Design Team, and I have nearly finished after only starting on Thurday night and the cut off being midnight tomorrow night, nothing like giving myself heaps of time LOL.

I cant show the Lo's anywhere else but on the Embellished site so here is the links

Double Lo - had to use 2 diffrent PP and the word Cherish and 3 diffrent techniques

ME Lo - had to be 12 x12

I have finished my OTP one but havent uploaded the pics yet i am gong to wait until tomorrow to get some better shots.

Ok off to do my final page now a single free Lo.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

My Girly Girl

Ok finally finsihed off this double lo I started last week, I finally got the rest of the pp I needed and finished it off last night. I decided to change the flowers i had on there and use some of my new Primas as well.

Primas Primas and more Primas

The Primas arrived today for a swap that I was hosting so I spent all last night sorting and baging up Primas. Ifeel sorry for the people who work in the Prima factory it is a shit job.

Monday, August 07, 2006

EB Circle Journals

My Circle Journal's were received today so i can post them up on here. Dee's was a rainbow theme it was one of my favs and was my first go at doddling i really liked how it came out so I am going to scraplift myself LOL. Jodys was my top five i choose to do my top 5 photos and last but not least Debbies was what love means to me.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

My Girly Girl

Well it is really late and i should have been in bed ages agao but i was waiting on the paint to dry on my lettering so I could finish of this layout, and while i was waiting I orgazined the details for the Prima Swap I am hosting.

Ok here is the the Layout it the first half of what will be a double Layout and the Title will be

"My Girly Girl"

Ok I really need to go to bed now, big day tomorrow going to Taraget to Layby Porky some summer clothes and going to visit Net and then meeting the Melissa's at the Hyperdome for Lunch.

Nighty Night.