Sunday, July 29, 2007


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We had to have gelato at least once a day while we were in Italy or 2 or 3 times LOL !!!! Loved it these photos were taken a gelato store in Rome near the Piazza Navona that we went to last to last time we were in Rome 2 euro for a huge cone yummo the best and cheapest gelato around.

OMG it took me ages to bloody finish this one couldn't decide on what to use for title or what embellishments to use, I think I ended up going a bit overboard with the buttons in the top right corner but oh well.

Friday, July 27, 2007

The Magic Mushroom Cake

holly cake 002 (Small)
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Well I haven't scrapped much this week, was out late on Wednesday picking up our new car and fell asleep on the lounge and then last night we went shopping for new stuff the car, and wont be doing any tonight either we have friends coming over for dinner.

Just leave u with a quick photo of a cake I have just finished making for my nieces birthday tomorrow. It is a Fairy Party so I need to go and find Charlize's Fairy costume to wear should be a chance to get some good photos tomorrow.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Come out of the woodwork

precious girl
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Ok since i have been good and keeping my blog updated I worked out how to put a counter on my blog and I must say, I never thought anyone looked at my blog put the counter is showing a diffrent story so come on who is reading all my dribble.

Before I go here is a LO i started last night and finished today, a big thanks to Amanda for the Quote, I took this photo of Charlize just the other day while she was sitting on the Lounge watching Mickey Mouse and i just love it she is such a cutie (just like her mum LMAO) !!!

ok enough dribble for today.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sneak Peak

Just a little sneak peak of a mini album I have made for a friends new baby boy, she had a little boy who was stillborn at the same time Lilly was born and she has been trying for another baby this whole time. I am so happy for her and husband that their dream of bring a healthy baby home has finally come true.

RIP Grandma

Well my grandmother passed away last which is quiet sad, she has had kidney problems for about the last 12mths and had been in and out of hospital for a while now, they took her off all her medication and she was just having pain mediaction to make her comfortable. It was good that my parents were down there and were able to spend the last couple of days with her, she is free of pain now and left us in her sleep about 11.30pm last night.

I feel a bit strange about it all I wasn't close to her and probably only ever met her about 7 times. I have been thinking about going to the funeral all morning but with it being in the Blue Mountains it is just too hard and complicated to get there without driving and I dont want to drive all that way on my own with Charlize, so I decided I wouldn't go too much happening her at the moment too.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Someone found the licorice

Just wanted to share a couple of photos, Jeff and i were enjoying some licorice the other night on the lounge and i must have forgot to put it away when I went to bed because look what i found the next day LMAO.

And one more of Charlize laying bed watching Mickey and eating cheerios with her wallabies hat on (yes she put that on herself and does nearly everyday she loves it LMAO!)

Ok thats it for now might head off to bed I think.

Friday, July 20, 2007

San Remo

san remo
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Ok so I did another holiday LO, lol I couldnt help myself I actually think I like this one. The aqua really pops out in the title.

My Mum and Dad have headed off to Lithgow today my Grandma is back in hospital and they told my Dad they are just making her comfortable at this stage. Dad talked to her last night and he said she could hardly talk, so it isnt looking good. Not sure when they will be back I guess will have to wait and see what the Dr's say when they get down there.

Well must go veg out in front of the TV while pork chop is asleep, oh and I finished uploading photos from our trip to our webpage if anyone wants to see them

Ok signing off now.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

soak up the tuscan sun

soak up the tuscan sun
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Another holiday Lo this one was from when we were in Tuscany in a Little town called Greve in Chianti the place we stayed was so nice it had a pool and beautiful lush gardens, Charlize had a ball playing in the pool even though the water was freezing.

Not sure if I am really liking this one maybe i need to take a break from scrapping holiday photos and try something different struggling a bit to come up with ideas atm.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

tombeau de napoleon

tombeau de napoleon
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Hmm not to sure if i really like this LO but the more I look at it the more it is growing on me LOL>

They are photo from Napoleons Tomb in Paris yes this one huge building for one very short man. The top photo is acutally his tomb, as you go in to the building there is a huge hole in the floor which looks down to the tomb and that is where the photo was taken from.

rue de paris

rue de paris
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Spent ages bloody fiddling with this LO couldn't get it to work and still not really happy with it I think it is the title that is annoying me.

Oh well it is a couple of random photos of the streets of Paris which i just love the building are spectacular.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

sacre coeur basilica

sacre coeur basilica
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Yet another holiday LO back to Paris now lol , yes i know i am scrapping them totally out of order but just doing whatever comes into my head with what will suit the photos best.

This LO is Sacre Coeur Basilica at Montmarte a beautiful church pearched up high on the hill overlooks all of Paris.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Update Time

Well it has been ages and yes i am slack blogger, I still haven't even loaded up any more photos from our trip or Charlize birthday to our website lol.

Not too much has been happening in the Nutley world we went to a wedding last night and stayed in the city at the same place as the reception (The Stamford Plaza Hotel) was very nice lucky we were staying there as I felt quiet ill and ended up going up to our room around 9.30 and had a shower and went to bed. Have got a Nasty Aunt Flo visiting atm and it is the first time in about 18mths I now remember why I went on the pill all those years ago !!!!!!!!!

Ok I can hear BB on so got to go and watch that here are some recent LO's

Ciao for now

Oh and thanks heaps to Jody for the great Header !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

beautiful amalfi

beautiful amalfi (Small)
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Yes I know you are probably sick of looking at photos fromour holiday by now but here is another one LOL. This is a photo taken from the window of our room in Amalfi.

This also happens to fit Mel's challenge that and i didnt even realize LOL.

all roads lead to rome

all roads lead to rome
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Here is another holiday Layout it took quite a while for me to finish this one for some reason I couldn't decide on what alphas to use, not overly happy with it but oh well it will do I guess.