Monday, October 16, 2006

Another Layout

I tried to do this LO on Saturday night but it just wasnt happening, so i tried again yesterday and it came out in a completely diffrent style to what i orignially had in mind.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Thanks Amanda

Well I quickly snapped this photo of Charlize this afternoon and loved it, and the lovely Amanda offered to photo shop it for me, Thanks so much Amanda I love it and also thanks to Jo for helping her.

Thanks Amanda

Here is a LO i did this afternoon Charlize was being quiet cheeky and i got this great photo and the lovely Amanda Photo shopped it for me and it came out amazing it has really made the LO.

Thanks heaps Amanda I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!

Long time no post

Well heaps has happened sinc we moved, the units have been keeping me really busy we had 62 units to rent, and in our 5th week we now only have 14 left. So still about a month before everything will start to calm down.

I have got a little bit scrapping done in those 5 weeks but not much, at least this house must have some good Mojo because I finally had my first LO accept by SM in the Theme Parks Gallery.

Here are a couple of of other Layouts i have done lately

This was one I was tossing up entering in Idol round 3 but did another one instead.

The other Layouts I have done have been for the Embellished Idol so I cant show them but have a look here if you want to see them

Hoepfully i might get some scrapping done tonight.