Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Scraptacular !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have some fabulous news I have been asked to join the Scraptacular design team!!!!!!!

I am so flattered to be joining such an amazing bunch of talented girls, Scraptac is by far the best Scrap Shop around I wish I lived in Melbourne so I could could go into the shop :(, unfortunately I will have to wait until July before I get to catch up with all the fabulous girls again.

I feel very privileged to be joining the Design Team that just recently won the Best Commercial Design Team at SIA in Sydney, I am joining the current design team Rach Scholz, Kim Ogden and Kerry O' Toole and also Dee Molina who is also just joining the team.

I am so excited about this and can't believe my luck to be working with such talented ladies.

Also just show the rewards chart that I made for Charlize for her Toilet Training, she knows when she needs to go but has gotten a bit lazy lately so every time she goes to the toilet and has dry knickers she gets to move Snow White up one stone and so far it is working really good.  She will get a present once Snow White goes through the door LOL.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Exciting News

Well I can finally share some news The Nutley family is expanding that is right we have another baby on the way, i went for my 12 wks scan today and everything looks to good. I couldn't get the final results today because I forgot to get my blood test done, can blame that on my morning sickness LOL.

So here is a picture from our scan today.

I am due on the 3rd November so we are hoping that the house will be finished early October ready for us to move into before the baby arrives. Fingers crossed all goes well there.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Something to share

Ok so I have something quick to share nothing real exciting but it is some scrapping LOL, I decided to do up a quick Book for Mum and Dad they leave on a 4 wk holiday on Friday to Usa and Canada.

Ok off to have some lunch.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Home

Well just thought I would pop in and share the plans of our new house seen as though I can't show any of my scrapping stuff atm.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

OMG looks like I am back online again

Hopefully I am back online permantly now the phone and internet connections at this new house has been a nightmare but after hours on the ph it looks like Jeff finally got it all working properly.

I did pack away all my scrap stuff but I have scrapped so it is a mess again already still need to sort out a few storage issues here as I dont have my big cupboard upstairs anymore. But as soon as i get the old PC off my desk it will clear up some room for some more storage boxes.

Well just going to leave you with a quick Lo that is a reject from some stuff I have been doing that i can't show yet.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Finally Back Online

So I am finally back online after the big move, the business is all sold now and we are just in the process of finalizing the plans for our new house. So even though no work happening still lots to think about with the house atm.

I haven't scrapped for about 3 weeks and really need to get some stuff done I have 3 projects waiting to be done for SM and also another 3 for SC and my scrap room is still a shambles see below

So I have to get this sorted out this weekend so I can get some scrapping done.

I have also just got a new new I Mac tonight is my first time using it and it seems to be pretty cool , just getting used to things still.

Ok I am still trying to sort stuff out on this new puter so I will leave it here and will be back with something to show maybe next week.