Friday, June 26, 2009

Wait for it !!!!!

I have actually scrapped a page, it take me about 2wks to finish it though LMAO !!!! Don't know if I can really be bothered scrapping anymore but feel guilty that I haven't done much for Carter LOL!!

Anyway here it is

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Slack Blogger

Ok so I have been a slack blogger lately I am blaming it all on Facebook I have been spending way to much on there. I have hardly scrapped in the last 2 months I think all I have done is finish off the mini album I posted the other day and one layout that is still sitting on my here half finished LOL.

So What has happened since my last post trying to think back it has been so long LOL.

* My Cousin Raelene and Aunty Elaine came up from the Central Coast for the weekend, we didn't do a great deal but it was great to catch up with them again.

* Charlize had her 4th Birthday Party which was super cute she had a ballerina themed party with all the little girls from her ballet class.

* Jeff took Charlize to Moreton Island for the Queens Birthday long weekend, they had a fantastic time.

* I turned 32 while they were away camping and went out with the girls for dinner and Carter had his first sleep over at Granny's House.

* Carter is growing like a weeding and is now mobile he does a bit of an army crawl around the house, so it is a case of beware of anything that is on the floor. he especially loves to grab paper and eat it LOL. He still has no teeth and is a pretty happy little boy he is very ticklish and just goes into fits of giggles when you tickle him it is very cute !!

I have been pretty slack with taking photos lately and must get back into taking more especially of Carter he will be one before I know it.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009