Sunday, August 31, 2008

Little Ballerina

I have dared to enter the world of dancing with Charlize she had her second lesson this week and OMG I can see it is going to be expensive already LOL $87 for her dance outfit a leotard,skirt ballet shoes and socks. They also have a end of year performance which they will be wearing a tutu which I am assuming I will have to pay for too LOL. Here is a photo of her all dressed up ready to go to dancing.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Jeff and His Mums Birthdays

Last Friday was Jeff's Mum birthday and this year it fell on Daffodil Day (cancer fund raiser) which was very fitting as his Mum passed away 14 years ago from Melanoma Cancer.   So I brought some daffodils to take down to his mum's memorial stone (which also where Lilly is).  Charlize loves going there and always gives her plaque a little kiss hello and goodbye.  

This is a photo of Charlize giving her big sister Lilly a kiss to she thinks that the angel statue on top of the rock is Lilly and always kisses it and talks to her.

Jeff's birthday is the day after his Mum's we didn't do much for his birthday I had planned on buying him a big swing bottle of bourbon to go in the bar of the new house but couldn't find one he liked so all her got was a wallet.  We had a couple of friends over dinner that night I cooked him lamb shanks in the slow cooker (which i have only just got and love it !!).  Charlize asked him what type of cake he wanted and he told her a bobcat cake so we made him a bob the builder cake LOL.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

never really noticed

I was just looking back for a photo to use on a page and i came across this photo of Charlize taken back in April last year, and I just noticed how much she looks like me at the same age.  So I dug out an old photo me at the same age to compare.  Nothing exciting but thought I would share that LOL.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Wow Single Figures

Ok so what is single figures you many ask?  Well we only have 9 wks to go until we get to met our little man it seems like ages and also not long at the same time.  Lots to still happen in 9 wks.

House to Bricked (hopefully they still start tomorrow)
Kitchens and Bathroom Vanities to go (hopefully this week)
Fix out carpentry to be done ( woohoo can't wait for the huge cupboard full of shelves in my scrap room)
Tiling to be done and lots of it
Painting inside and out
Pool to be dug and sprayed
Gazebo to be built
Final Electrical and Plumbing Fit offs.
And lots of little things in between all that.

If all goes to plan we should be in the house at the beginning  of October, I have told Jeff to just make sure the inside is complete and the driveway done and the rest can come later.  I just want to be in the house and unpacked as soon as possible so A. Charlize has time to settle down before I head off to hospital and bring home a new baby and B. In case I go early again I don't want  to be moving we a newborn baby.

Hmm what other news do I have..... not much Jeff got a bit of metal in his eye on Friday and I ended up having to take him in to the Mater Private Emergency Hospital so they could scrap off the rust ring on his cornia almost $400.00 and he is all fixed now.  Lucky we are already over our Medicare Safety Net so get 80% of out of pocket expenses back.

Not much else to report in with so I will leave you with a LO I did this week which a photo of Sonia which was taken at the Scraptacular Retreat Last month.  Sonia and I first met over 4 yrs ago when she sent me a message on EB after Lilly was born, her beautiful daughter Mia was born sleeping the year previous to Lilly.  I will always remember your message Sonia as it was one of the first ones I got and you did bring a little bit of hope into my life (she was due have 2nd daughter a few weeks after Lilly was born).

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Exciting New Comp

Ok you have to head over to Scraptacular to check out the new Comp that is starting there soon.

Scraptacular are proud to announce the details of the first ever “SO YOU THINK YOU CAN SCRAP 2008” competition. Join us as our Award Winning Design Team challenge you week by week until Australia’s voting public (fellow scrappers) narrow it down to Australia’s Favourite Scrapper... It could be you!

Follow us through four weeks of heats where entrants will be given scrapeography (yes, just like choreography) to create gorgeous layouts. After a few rounds of voting we will be left with a bunch of talented finalists, who will go on, round by round, delving through different ‘genres’ chosen by our Design Team.

Our talented Design Team will create example layouts to suit every genre week by week as extra inspiration for the entrants and watch out for Guest Designers every few weeks for added spark!

Aside from the prestige of winning this competition, Australia’s favourite scrapper will take home a prize pack consisting of a Making Memories SLICE Machine Starter Pack valued at $330 PLUS a $250 Scrapping Pack supplied by Bumble Bee Crafts. The winner will also have the option of joining the Scraptacular Award Winning Design Team. Their entries from the Grand Finale will be showcased on the Scraptacular home page and an email to all Scraptacular customers will go out introducing this scrapper to the world.

You can find all the Details for "So You think you can Scrap" here

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Twice in a Week OMG !!!!!!

I scrapped a page tonight that was just for me, gee it is good to get back to scrappings just because you want to and not because you have too.   It is a layout with photos of all of Charlize Mickey Mouse's etc that have been collected from around the world.  She has them from 4 different countries and loves them to bits.

Thought I would pop in and show a couple of photos of the new house, the gyprocking has been done now too, and they made a start on the rock wall in the back yard and the pool should be dug Monday or Tuesday and the Kitchens should hopefully be going in on the 7th Aug !!!


Friday, August 01, 2008

Guess I should do an update LOL

The Scraptac Retreat was awesome I had so much fun and very little sleep (we won't mention why that is though will we Mrs Pitt aka my roomy LOL).

I did very little scrapping at the retreat I did one Layout and half of the mini album from Kim's Class and also taught a class myself.

I haven't taken photos of the other LO's yet but here is one that started out being from one of Rach's classes but it went of on its own direction LOL.   I also scraplifted the little "heart U" from one of Amanda's Lo's.  The photos are 100% as I scanned them,  they are originals from our Wedding photographer we got married just before digital cameras started to be used.